Vigilance Supports Victory

Supporting for your breast health journey begins with screening and early diagnosis.  As African American women, we must remain informed and vigilant about our breast health.  The American Cancer Society (ACS) recently shared good news:

  • Overall cancer death rates have steadily declined for African American men and women; and
  • Fewer African American women die from breast cancer.

However, disparities remain.  More Black men and women die of cancer than white men and women.  In fact, according to ACS, “death rates for all cancers combined remain 33% higher in black men and 16% higher in black women as compared to white men and white women”. While African American women develop breast cancer at similar rates as white women, we die from breast cancer more often. Racial disparities in access to screening and treatment persist.

Protect your breasts and your life.  Yearly screening supports early diagnosis which widens treatment options.  Resources are more readily available to support screening, diagnosis and treatment.  Start by contacting your local American Cancer Society. local breast cancer support groups and hospitals for guidance.  Take action for your life.

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