Focus Foward Research Study: Learning More about “Chemo Brain”

The purpose of this study, conducted by Sister Kenny Research Center in partnership with Virginia Piper Cancer Institute, is to evaluate an educational intervention called “Focus Forward”  which was developed by occupational therapists at Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.  It is designed to help individuals with breast cancer manage factors that may contribute to thinking and memory problems.  Expectations:  Participate in 6 sessions scheduled one day a week for 6 weeks.  You must be 18 years or older, have breast cancer and it has been 3-18 months since you completed your chemotherapy and/or radiation.  You must also have “chemo brain” symptoms.

Contact Mary Radomski at Sister Kenny Research Center at 612 863 3291 or

(I would have gladly participated in this one!  Chemo-brain is alive and kickin’!  But, I am blessed by completing my chemo four years ago, so I am not eligible for the study.)